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Ann Arbor Tree Service

Tree stumps everywhere? Overgrown trees creating an eyesore in your backyard? Never fear because our reliable tree service company can solve all your problems away! Our company provides quality tree services whether it is just tree trimming, tree cutting, reshaping, arborist or stump removals in just one phone call! Tree services are a dime in a dozen in the phone book. But our company assures a reputable and quality tree care service that is at an affordable price which will not cause a dent in your pocket. Call us now without obligation at 848-207-3391

Our Services: 

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming

Our highly acclaimed tree service company knows there are no small jobs for tree services. Here are the benefits of calling our tree doctors to take care of you: Healthy Trees: If you let your trees grow unchecked, they may be prone to getting diseases and may cause infection to your other plants as well. Our tree care services insures that you have healthy and disease-free trees all year round Size and Shape: Your trees need to be fit too. Our group of tree specialists will make sure that your trees provide an enhancement and make your yard beautiful by trimming your trees to a manageable size and our tree cutters and trimmers will make sure to remove and shape them according to your whims. Our tree trimmers make sure they have it down to the exact science of beautification. Dead Leaves: Raking tree leaves in the fall can cause headaches if you don’t hire our tree trimmers to ease your burden. You can just imagine the mountain of leaves you need to rake in if you did not have the foresight of having your trees trimmed first.

Tree Pruning

Fruit yielding trees need not be just decorative; they must also serve their purpose in yielding the sweetest and abundant number of fruits once they bear them.  Our tree doctors know that it requires their tree expertise to prune the branches and shape the trees so as to have a bountiful harvest.

Tree Removal

Our company also offers emergency tree removal services if the need arises. We cannot avoid natural disasters and accidents but we can avoid having damaged trees remain a hazard in our backyard.  We offer a no obligation assessment for a tree removal cost for your needs.

Stump Removal

Our tree service company also takes care of dead trees. If you have tree stumps in your lawn or backyard and you need to remove them, we are just a phone call away. Our tree cutters will cut the trunk for you and dig the tree stump to leave you with fresh earth for your next planting and landscaping. We offer services of grinding the tree stump to mulch for fertilizing your plants also.   Call us today at 848-207-3391  for a tree service estimate!

Quality Tree Service at its Best!

How do you choose among companies offering the same kind of tree service? If you need your trees trimmed, do you just pick the first one on the list? Our tree service company provides the standards that you must have on your checklist.

  • Affordable Tree Service: The first thing you have to check for your tree service needs is the cost. Is it cost friendly without compromising the quality of the work to be done? We offer reliable tree services without causing you to skip your meals for one week just so you can take care of your trees.
  • Highly regarded and reputable: Our motto is to accomplish tree service jobs in a safe, efficient and quality manner. Our wide spread and loyal customers’ base can attest the kind of tree experts we are on the field. There is no greater payment than the smile of a satisfied customer.
  • Trained and Licensed: Our tree service company makes sure we hire the best tree doctors for the job. We have them train in tree cutting and trimming, stump removals and make them adept tree climbers as well. Our tree surgeons will cut your trees with utmost precision and care.
  • Time is of the Essence: We value your time so we don’t drag your feet getting the job done. Our tree service provided is an efficient and safe machine that will do the work in the most reasonable time without compromising the quality and safety of all concerned. Our tree doctors know there are time constraints they will need to work with
  • Safety Is a Must: We understand that tree services create danger and if left unchecked may be hazardous for not just our tree doctors but also for passersby as well. We use the most up to date tree service equipment according to the prescribed industry standards.  We use the latest techniques in our tree care services. We believe in the saying that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure so we only use the best there is.

We understand that that tree services can be highly dangerous and taxing also, so our efficient team of tree doctors can step in for you and do the work with quality equipment and expertise.